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Get Ahead of the Curve: Top 5 Garden Edging Trends for 2023

Dive head-first into the vibrant world of gardening, where trends are as ever-changing as the seasons. Grab your gloves and trowel as we delve into 2023’s top five garden edging trends that redefine landscape boundaries. As you transform your barren backyard into a lush paradise, these styles will make you a prime trendsetter amid your gardening peers. So read on to discover new ways to enhance your green paradise, and remember – aesthetics may evolve, but a gardener’s creativity is timeless!

Trend #1: The Garden of Eden

The gardening realm is ever-evolving, and 2023’s standout trend is the “Garden of Eden” approach. It emphasizes creating a sanctuary for pollinators, highlighting the balance between nature and our gardens. This trend promotes planting pollinator-friendly plants, drawing in butterflies, birds, and bees and underlining their environmental significance. Gardeners are urged to recognize their garden’s ecological footprint.

Visualize wandering in a garden filled with vivid flowers, accompanied by the dance of butterflies and hummingbirds. The Garden of Eden trend aims to foster a biodiversity-rich environment, welcoming pollinators. You offer essential nectar and food to these crucial beings by choosing specific plants.

Detroit Riverwalk exemplifies this trend, incorporating pollinator plants like milkweed, bee balm, and coneflowers along its banks. This scenic route showcases how urban spaces can serve both humans and nature.

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Soil Health and Plant Selection

A thriving Garden of Eden starts with robust soil. Before you begin, assess your soil’s health. A soil test can reveal pH, nutrient levels, and organic content, guiding your choices for soil treatments and fertilizers to boost plant growth.

For your Garden of Eden, choose plants known to lure pollinators. Native flowers are incredibly effective, having co-evolved with local pollinators. Plants like milkweed, coneflowers, goldenrod, and lavender are great choices to attract butterflies and bees.

But remember, it’s not just about attracting pollinators. Understand your plants’ sunlight and water needs, and ensure they suit your local climate. A diverse mix of region-friendly plants provides an eco-friendly garden that’s both stunning and sustainable.

For sun-drenched gardens, consider sun-lovers like black-eyed susans or echinaceas. For shaded spots, ferns and astilbes can offer beauty and shelter for pollinators.

With soil and plant selection covered, let’s delve into other garden trends set to shine in 2023.

Trend #2: Architectural Simplicity

In garden design, less can often be more. 2023 sees the rise of architectural simplicity in garden edging, drawing inspiration from the Mughal gardening style. This trend champions clean lines, symmetry, and repetition, creating elegant and orderly landscapes.

Choose plants uniform in colour, size, and shape to embody this simplicity, ensuring balance and continuity. Incorporate elements like topiaries, succulents, and boxwood hedges.

Visualize gardens bordered by meticulously trimmed boxwood hedges sculpted into artistic shapes like squares or spheres. Alongside, topiaries stand as nature’s sculptures, controlled yet captivating. With varied forms and low maintenance, succulents can be strategically placed for maximum visual impact.

Architectural simplicity can transform even compact spaces into tranquil havens. With its emphasis on neat lines and patterns, it’s a design approach that maximizes any garden’s potential.

Topiaries, Succulents and Boxwood Hedges

Topiaries, succulents, and boxwood hedges are crucial for a garden radiating architectural simplicity. They bring structure, form, and visual intrigue.

Like living sculptures, topiaries can be moulded into desired shapes, turning gardens into botanical masterpieces. Succulents, with their unique textures and forms, introduce contrast and creativity. They offer endless design possibilities, from the rosette-like Echeverias to the spiky Agaves.

Boxwood hedges, with their dense foliage, create crisp borders and divisions. They offer structure, privacy, and a classic charm that suits various garden styles.

Having delved into these essential elements, let’s explore another emerging trend: enhancing relaxation spaces.

Trend #3: Upscaling Relaxation

In 2023, gardens are evolving into tranquil luxury retreats amidst our bustling lives. The “Upscaling Relaxation” trend emphasizes premium furnishings and shade-loving plants to enhance the garden ambience.

Quality outdoor seating is paramount. Choose durable, stylish outdoor sofas, chairs, and dining sets, preferably in weather-resistant materials like wicker or teak. But the luxury doesn’t stop at seating. Think firepits for chilly evenings, outdoor pizza ovens for gourmet experiences, water features for soothing sounds, and ambient lighting for mood.

Imagine lounging with a book, surrounded by greenery and the calming sound of water, protected from the sun by trees or pergolas. This oasis-like setting is the essence of the trend.

Quality Furnishings and Shaded Plants

Shade plants are vital for these luxury gardens. They beautify with their varied green hues and offer functional shade.

Large trees like maples or oaks are ideal, providing shade over seating areas. Climbing vines on trellises or pergolas can create shaded pathways or nooks, enhancing the garden’s charm. Envision pathways under wisteria or pergolas draped in jasmine.

For diverse foliage, mix plants like hostas, ferns, and heucheras. Their varied leaves thrive in shade, adding lushness and a serene backdrop.

Like curating furniture for a cozy outdoor spot, selecting the right shade plants is an art, each contributing to the garden’s depth, texture, and harmony.

The Upscaling Relaxation trend is about crafting a serene escape in your garden, blending luxury furnishings with shade-loving plants for the perfect relaxation haven.

Trend #4: Revisiting Victorian Desires

In the delightful world of garden-edging trends for 2023, one captivating theme that has taken root is Revisiting Victorian Desires. This trend pays homage to the charm and elegance of traditional Victorian gardens while incorporating a modern twist. It embraces the desire for a romantic aesthetic with elements such as roses, lilacs, and stone planters.

Victorian-inspired gardens evoke a sense of nostalgia with their lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and carefully crafted accents. The focus is on blending history and tradition without overwhelming the senses. One of the critical features of this trend is the use of floral selections that are reminiscent of classic English gardens.

Imagine strolling through a garden path lined with Eau de Parfum Bubbly Fragrant Roses, their delicate pink petals wafting a delightful fragrance in the air. Alongside, Seaside Swirl Pink Rugosa Roses add colour and texture to the landscape. With their enchanting purple clusters, Lilacs provide an extra touch of elegance.

The Victorian trend creates a feminine palette with soft hues of pink, purple, and white flowers. Consider incorporating white fences or stone planters adorned with trailing ivy or climbing roses to enhance the romantic ambience. These accents serve as charming focal points that transport you back to an era of refined sophistication.

Now that we have explored how to revisit Victorian desires in garden edging trends for 2023 let us move on to another romantic aspect in outdoor aesthetics – Romantic Accents: Roses, Lilacs, and Stone Planters.

Romantic Accents: Roses, Lilacs, and Stone Planters

In 2023, garden edging embraces the “Revisiting Victorian Desires” trend, blending Victorian elegance with contemporary flair. This style celebrates the romantic allure of traditional Victorian gardens, featuring roses, lilacs, and stone planters.

These gardens radiate nostalgia with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and classic accents. The emphasis is on harmoniously merging history and modernity. Key to this trend are flowers reminiscent of quintessential English gardens.

Envision walking a path lined with fragrant Eau de Parfum Bubbly Roses and textured Seaside Swirl Pink Rugosa Roses. Lilacs, with their regal purple blooms, add a touch of class.

Soft pinks, purples, and whites dominate this Victorian palette. Enhance the romance with white fences or stone planters draped in ivy or climbing roses, transporting you to a bygone era of elegance.

Trend #5: Scandinavian Minimalism

birds eye view perfectly manicured lawn

In 2023, garden-edging trends lean towards Scandinavian Minimalism, a design that marries simplicity, functionality, and nature. Inspired by the pristine aesthetic of Scandinavian design, it blends natural elements like stone and wood with contrasting black and white tones.

The heart of this trend is crafting serene spaces, highlighting light, texture, and organic shapes. Gardens in this style spotlight conifers for structure and select flowers like astilbes or peonies for colour bursts.

Scandinavian Minimalism values open spaces for tranquillity. Picture a pristine yard with river rocks guiding you to a wooden bench against swaying conifers. The ambience is harmonious and peaceful.

Beyond plants, this trend integrates hardscapes and architectural touches. Natural materials, from stone pathways to wooden borders, add earthy warmth. Gravel paths or geometric pavers provide crisp lines, enhancing the minimalist vibe.

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Textures are pivotal: smooth pebbles juxtaposed with rugged wood structures or climbing vines against wooden backdrops. The colour scheme is predominantly monochromatic, punctuated with black and white for depth. Think white fences or minimalist sculptures blending seamlessly with greenery.

Envision Scandinavian Minimalism as a curated black-and-white photo, where each element harmonizes to evoke calm.

But it’s more than aesthetics. It champions functionality and eco-friendly gardening. Maintenance is streamlined, focusing on low-upkeep plants with minimal water needs. Native or drought-resistant plants are preferred, conserving water.

The trend also promotes organic gardening, recognizing the role of pollinators and biodiversity. Gardens often feature bee, butterfly, or hummingbird-attracting plants, boosting their ecological value.

In planning your 2023 garden, consider Scandinavian Minimalism. It’s not just visually striking but also creates a serene backyard retreat. Its focus on simplicity, nature, and sustainability offers a harmonious, easy-to-maintain garden that resonates with nature.

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