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Fire Pokers for Firepit or Campfire


Experience ease and safety with our Fire Pit Pokers, expertly crafted for effective management of fire pits, fireplaces, or campfires.

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Our Fire Pit Pokers are a blend of functionality and safety, designed to enhance your fire management experience. With an extended length of 80cm, they ensure maximum safety and efficiency while handling hot fires, whether in a fire pit, fireplace, or campfire. Design and Functionality: Length: 800mm, providing safe distance from heat Weight: 2kg, for easy and balanced maneuvering Specially crafted ends for efficient lifting and rearrangement of burning logs and hot coals Premium Quality and Versatility: Made from high-quality Australian steel, ensuring durability and longevity Available in two sleek colors: Black and Gunmetal Ideal for any type of fire setting, offering versatility and reliability Usage Tips: Keep your fire pit poker away from direct flames when not in use Store on a safe surface nearby to prevent overheating of the handle With our Fire Pit Pokers, managing your fire becomes a more controlled and enjoyable experience, combining safety with practical design.

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