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Understanding Profile Heights: A Guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Edging Solutions

FormBoss® offers a diverse range of 8 profile heights, ensuring there’s something for every gardening need. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle boundary or constructing retaining walls, planter beds, or steps, we’ve got you covered. 

As a general guideline, at least one-third of the profile height (which are 2.44mm in length, across the board) should be submerged in the soil for optimal strength. This ensures easy installation in both new and existing gardens. Placing a larger portion of your edging underground fortifies its stability. For profiles buried beyond 80%—excluding the 75mm & 100mm variants—you might require fewer garden stakes or even none at all. 

Surface-level installations, however, are also possible with FormBoss®, as these shapes are inherently self-sustaining. You can set up tight diameter circles directly atop the soil, eliminating the need for burying. 

Still trying to decide the right edging for your garden? Check out this comprehensive chart to make the decision much easier.

profile heights chart

The Power of Steel: Gauges Explained

FormBoss® Steel Garden Edging isn’t just about creating boundaries; it’s about crafting masterpieces. Our extensive range allows you to achieve anything from simple edges to intricate garden designs. We offer three distinct gauges or steel thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm.

  • 1.60 Millimeter Gauge: Perfect for most home-based edging projects, this gauge boasts a 5.5mm top lip, offering both strength and flexibility. Available in REDCOR® and Galvanised.
  • 2.00 Millimeter Gauge: Seeking an edging solution that can withstand the occasional bump from vehicles or maintain extended straight lines with grace? The 2.0mm gauge is your go-to choice. Its robust 7.0mm top lip ensures added strength and retains the flexibility for effortless curving and shaping. Choose from our premium finishes: REDCOR®, Galvanised, or ZAM®
  • 2.50 Millimeter Gauge: Our 2.5mm gauge with an 8.0mm top lip is the answer when you need unmatched strength and durability. Ideal for public spaces and areas with high traffic. Available in Galvanised, ZAM®, and special-order REDCOR®.

To help you pick the right gauge, we’ve rated each one based on key attributes, making your decision easier.

Demonstrating Durability: The 2.5mm Gauge Test

Want to see our 2.5mm commercial gauge in action? We drove a truck over it to showcase its strength!

The images below show a truck driving over a garden ring (left)
and the physical condition of the ring after the test (right).

truck driving over garden edge test
garden circle edge after truck test

In areas like parks and communal spaces that see a lot of public activity, we can’t stress enough the importance of opting for a corten steel gauge of at least 2.0mm. Our confidence in this recommendation is backed by our rigorous gauge test, where we drove a truck over our 2.5mm commercial gauge to demonstrate its resilience. This choice, while seeming minor, is a testament to a modest investment in garden edging that not only ensures longevity but also stands up to real-world challenges, delivering results that endure.

FormBoss® vs. The Rest: An Honest Comparison

How does FormBoss® measure against other edging systems? We’ve rated various options on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the best). 

Disclaimer: We tried to be as objective as possible, but the results remain the same. FormBoss® is the top choice, with over 1000 km of edging sold in the past 15 years!

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