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Corten Steel Edging

Explore the durability and style of Redcor Corten steel in our garden edging products, perfect for Australian gardens. Choose from EverEdge Corten Steel Edging, Garden Rings, and Steel Stakes for diverse landscaping designs. Our range caters to all outdoor spaces, ensuring a sophisticated and long-lasting finish.

For local selections, visit our Sydney or Melbourne page. We proudly offer Australia-wide delivery to meet your gardening needs wherever you are.

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Corten Steel Edging Excellence for Every Landscape

LawnEdging’s exclusive REDCOR® corten steel, often used by professional landscapers for landscaping projects, stands as a superior alternative to foreign weathering steels. Crafted with precision in Australia by BlueScope®, this cold-rolled steel is tailor-made to withstand Australia’s challenging ground and environmental conditions. It offers a neater work experience and boasts a more consistent finish compared to overseas counterparts.

What sets this steel apart is its enhanced anti-corrosion coating properties. It naturally develops a self-renewing oxide shield on its surface, ensuring longevity and low maintenance. Freshly purchased, REDCOR® corten steel showcases a sleek, almost polished light grey hue, thanks to a protective oil film. This ensures it remains rust-free even on display. Over time, ranging from a few weeks to about 4 months, it will develop a uniform rust patina, the perfect solution for your garden edging needs, especially when considering the quantity and shape of your garden beds.

Why Opt for LawnEdging’s Corten Steel Edging?

Our Corten steel edging provides flawless, concealed edges, creating sharp delineations and intricate patterns without the fuss of visible joins or costly tools. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Unbeatable Value: Our prices for Corten steel edging are unmatched in the market.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth shopping experience.
  • Safe Transactions: Enjoy peace of mind with our secure online checkout.

Corten Steel Edging Kits for a Refined Garden Look

Our comprehensive Corten Steel Edging Kits equip you with everything from steel edging to garden stakes and corners, garden rings, connectors, and screws. Whether you’re designing a quaint garden nook, planters, or a sprawling estate, our kits ensure a sophisticated and cohesive appearance, perfect for any area of your backyard project.

Brands We Stand By

Quality, ease of installation, and durability are our benchmarks. We’re proud to collaborate with industry leaders like Everedge and FormBoss, guaranteeing top-notch quality with every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corten Steel Edging

Why does my new Corten steel look different from the pictures?

When initially purchased, REDCOR® corten steel has a sleek, light grey, almost polished appearance. This is due to a protective oil film on its surface, preventing premature rusting. Over a period ranging from a few weeks to 4 months, it will develop a consistent rust layer, giving it the look you often see in photos before it’s exposed to the elements.

Why does my corten steel have an uneven colour?

REDCOR® corten steel might exhibit a patchy appearance for several months before achieving a uniform rust hue. The colour variations, ranging from dark orange to deep brown, are influenced by factors like soil, air conditions, and regional differences.

How can I make Corten steel rust more quickly?

To expedite the rusting process of Corten steel, you can expose it to water regularly or increase its oxygen exposure by sanding its surface. These methods can help achieve a rusted look faster.

What advantages does a rusted Corten steel surface offer?

While some might find the rusted appearance of Corten steel edging less attractive, it offers several benefits. The rust layer acts as a protective shield against further corrosion. This unique patina can also be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Corten steel’s resistance to abrasion and high temperatures makes it suitable for various applications.

Are there downsides to accelerating the rusting of Corten steel?

While fast-tracking the rusting of Corten steel can yield a desired weathered look, it might compromise the steel’s structural integrity over time. Moreover, rust stains from Corten steel can be tough to clean, necessitating regular upkeep to maintain its appearance.

How long does it naturally take for Corten steel to rust?

Without any interventions to hasten the rusting process, Corten steel can take a few weeks to 4 months to form a complete protective rust layer. The duration varies based on environmental factors.

How can I shield other surfaces from rust while speeding up Corten steel’s rusting?

To safeguard other surfaces from rust, you can use sacrificial metals like zinc or aluminium that corrode before Corten steel. Alternatively, applying rust inhibitors or coatings like sealants and paint can also protect and enhance the steel’s appearance.

Is there a pick-up option for the Corten steel edging products?

Primarily, we focus on deliveries, ensuring pristine condition upon arrival.

What’s the delivery cost for Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula or other parts of Australia?

We work with various transport partners to guarantee prompt delivery at competitive prices. We have flat rate costs of $100 in Melbourne and Sydney, and offer custom delivery quotes for anywhere else in Australia.

Do you provide installation services for Corten steel edging?

While our mainstay is product sales, we can suggest skilled contractors for installation in your vicinity.

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