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EverEdge Corten Steel Garden Edging


Transform your garden with the EverEdge Corten Steel Garden Edging, now available at LawnEdging. This flexible steel edging, designed to weather naturally and not break down, creates durable and neat borders for your lawns, flower beds, and pathways. Made from 90% recycled mild steel, it bends to any shape, suits all soil types, and is simple to install without the need for extra pins, pegs, or joiners. Give your outdoor space a timeless and stylish look with LawnEdging.

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  • 10-year guarantee on steel edging.
  • Note: customers will need 3 stakes per length of edging.

Create a stunning and functional outdoor space with the EverEdge Corten Steel Garden Edging, proudly offered by LawnEdging. This premium edging solution is made from 90% recycled mild steel and features a Cor-Ten (rust) finish, designed to weather naturally but not break down like regular steel. A layer of rust forms over the steel and protects the metal underneath from weathering. Available in three different depths (100mm, 125mm, 150mm), it is designed to suit any garden aesthetic.

The EverEdge Corten Steel Garden Edging, available at LawnEdging, starts out as a dull silver colour and takes about five weeks to develop the rust finish. This rust finish not only complements any existing Cor-Ten features but also brings an element of history to the garden. The edging is available in single metre lengths that easily interlock, and the thickness (gauge) is 1.5mm. The spikes are 95mm long, with six spikes per metre length, and the weights per length are 1.26kg for 100mm depth, 1.65kg for 125mm length, and 2kg for the 150mm depth.

Key Features:

  • Now available at LawnEdging.
  • Made from 90% recycled mild steel with a Cor-Ten (rust) finish.
  • Available in three different depths: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm.
  • Bends to virtually any shape and suits all soil types.
  • Simple to install with no need for extra pins, pegs, or joiners.
  • Spikes are 95mm long, with six spikes per metre length.
  • Supplied in cardboard packages of five single metre lengths.

The EverEdge Corten Steel Garden Edging, available at LawnEdging, is not just a visually striking feature but also highly efficient in delineating and segregating different garden areas. It securely anchors in all soil types, maintains a flawless straight line, and can be shaped to fit any design.

This edging solution, available at LawnEdging, is favoured for its effectiveness in managing grass runners. By hammering 30mm of the edge and the spikes into the ground, it forms a robust barrier that prevents runners from encroaching on paths or flower beds.


Is there a risk of the rust colour staining my white gravel?

No, there will be no colour leakage during or after the 5-week rusting period. Your white gravel or pavers will remain unstained.

Will the steel eventually disintegrate into flakes of rust?

CorTen steel is much more stable than regular steel. The rusting occurs only on the surface, protecting the inner steel.

Is it possible to cut the lengths?

Yes, you can cut Cor-Ten with an angle grinder, and the cut edges will rust over time. However, instead of cutting off any leftover piece, we recommend bending it at an angle and running the extra bit along a fence or wall. Alternatively, you can overlap the last two sections of EverEdge instead of clipping them together.

What if the rust finish gets scratched off?

If the Cor-Ten gets scratched and the silver steel underneath is exposed, it will rust over in the same 5-week period, sealing the scratch.

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100mm x 1000mm, 125mm x 1000mm, 150mm x 1000mm

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