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Everedge Garden Rings Corten Steel


Transform your garden with EverEdge Garden Rings from LawnEdging. Made from 90% recycled mild steel, these rings are perfect for edging trees, statues, and garden beds, preventing grass invasion and mowing damage. Available in galvanised and black powder coated or Cor-Ten (rust) finish. Choose LawnEdging for durable and stylish garden solutions.

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  • 10-year guarantee on steel edging.
  • Note: customers will need 3 stakes per length of edging.

Create a beautifully defined and protected garden space with the EverEdge Garden Rings, proudly offered by LawnEdging. These garden rings are made from 90% recycled mild steel and are available in two finishes: galvanised and black powder coated, or Cor-Ten (rust). The rings are composed of two or three pre-curved single metre lengths with a 125mm depth and 95mm long spikes, six per metre length. The lengths are joined together with bolts inserted through pre-drilled holes, and all bolts are included with each order. Each pack also includes installation instructions.

Key Features:

  • Exclusively available at LawnEdging.
  • Made from 90% recycled mild steel.
  • Available in two finishes: galvanised and black powder coated, or Cor-Ten (rust).
  • Supplied in cardboard packs with two or three single metre lengths.
  • Prices do not include freight. Contact us for a quote. We deliver Australia wide from our depot in Melbourne.

The EverEdge Garden Rings are designed to create a circular edge around trees, statues, water features, and garden beds. They help young trees and shrubs to establish, prevent grass runners from invading the area around the tree, keep mulch in place, and provide protection from mowing damage and soil compaction around the roots.


How do I install the EverEdge Garden Rings?

Installation is simple and requires a rubber or wooden hammer. Each ring pack includes printed installation guidelines. View our installation video for a step-by-step guide.

How do I shape the ring?

EverEdge is flexible and can be flexed to match the required circle. When using curved lengths, it is easy to stretch the curves to form the circular shape. For larger circles with more than a five-metre circumference, the straight lengths are simply flexed to form the curve.

Should I join the pieces together before I install the ring?

The ring is assembled using the provided bolts and nuts. The pieces can be joined together to form the ring and then slid over the tree. If the tree is too high, the pieces can easily be joined around the tree.

How do I calculate how many pieces I need to make a circle?

Measure the required diameter and then multiply by 3.14 to calculate the circumference. Add 6% to allow for the EverEdge overlap. For circumferences of more than 5 metres, use the EverEdge straight metre lengths.

Will the tree roots be damaged during installation?

Each length of EverEdge has six spikes that are 95 mm long. Position the ring so that the spikes avoid any large roots. If some spikes pierce a root, it should not cause major damage as the spikes are narrow, and the roots will continue to grow around them.

Transform your garden into a well-defined and protected space with the EverEdge Garden Rings from LawnEdging. Whether you are looking to create a circular edge around trees, statues, water features, or garden beds, these garden rings are the perfect solution. Choose LawnEdging for all your garden edging needs.

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600mm x 125mm, 900mm x 125mm

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