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Galvanised Steel Stakes and Corners


Flat Stakes: 2.5mm gauge for steel edging height profiles from 75mm to 185mm
Angled Retaining Stakes: 3.0mm gauge for steel edging height profiles from 230mm to 580mm
The general rule of thumb for selecting the right stake is making sure the stake is more than twice the profile height as a minimum.

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Flat $100 + GST for shipping within Melbourne and Sydney, flat $150 QLD.

  • Nationwide Delivery – Give us a call.
  • 10-year guarantee on steel edging.
  • Note: customers will need 3 stakes per length of edging.

Enhance Your Garden with FormBoss® Metal Garden Edging Systems

Choose the perfect staking method for your garden with our FormBoss® Metal Garden Edging Systems. Remember, the ideal stake should be at least twice the height of the edging profile.

Tapered Stakes for Standard Applications

Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • Ideal for Edging Profiles up to 185mm: Our tapered stakes are perfect for most standard garden edging tasks.
  • Recommended Usage: Use 3 stakes per 2.44m steel length, spaced evenly (approximately every 813mm).
  • Individual Sale: Each stake is sold separately.
  • Available Sizes and Materials:
    • Heights: 240mm, 300mm, 400mm
    • Materials: Galvanised 2.5mm gauge, REDCOR® steel 2.5mm gauge, ZAM® 2.5mm gauge, and stainless steel (special request).Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging

Angled Stakes for High Strength and Retaining Jobs

Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • Designed for Durability: These stakes are tailored for retaining walls and high-strength applications.
  • Spacing Guidance: Typically, space 3 per length (every 813mm). For more demanding tasks, increase to 4 per length (every 610mm).
  • Individual Sale: Each angled stake is available for individual purchase.
  • Variety in Size and Material:
    • Heights: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm
    • Materials: REDCOR® steel 3.0mm gauge, Galvanised 3.0mm gauge, and stainless steel (special request).Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • Installation Tip: Use a rubber mallet for installation to avoid damage. Pre-digging may be required for 1200mm stakes.

FormBoss® Smart Connectors for Seamless Edging

Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • Effortless Connection: Achieve smooth, uninterrupted lines with our smart connectors, designed to blend seamlessly with your edging.Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • Easy Installation: Slide the lengths into the connector, ensuring a tight fit and a clean, square cut for optimal connection.
  • Secure Fixing: Use a wide-brimmed vice clamp for a secure fit and insert self-tapping screws for added stability. For profiles over 150mm, use two screws on each side.Arraywith FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
  • DIY Connectors: Transform off-cuts into smart connectors by grinding off sharp edges and applying cold gal spray paint for durability.
  • Safety and Longevity: File off sharp edges and apply cold gal spray paint to exposed bare metals for safety and extended use.
  • Free Inclusions: Connectors and screws are included with every order, with quantities determined based on your order.
Elevate your garden’s aesthetics and functionality with our range of stakes and connectors, tailored for the FormBoss® Metal Garden Edging Systems. Order now!

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